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It is strongly recommended to start fresh with clean settings.You can always change settings back to taste after Winamp 5 is up and running.

Save (mainly applicable to people who use one single large playlist all the time). ii) Close Winamp iii) Navigate to the Winamp settings folder via 'My Computer' Usually %App Data%\Winamp (for multi-user setups / more info) Or: C:\Program Files\Winamp (for old 'shared' setups on upgrades) Here is the list of files that some people might want to backup: * The bookmark list = * Any saved EQ presets = winamp. In which case, just backup the plugins & presets of your choice, not the whole folder.

Not happy with 5.2 Online Services / Shoutcast browser? For more information please refer to this thread You can also delete Ctn Plugin which is associated/installed with gen_Other Information: Tech Support Greatest Hits Useful Links to Common Problems & Questions Previously Asked: SBLive & Play Center2 related issues: threadid=50447 (ctmp3.acm) drivers: 1 | 2 | 3 RE: How do I remove 3rd-party plug-ins and Audigy cards in this thread) Sign this petition to demand better tech support / drivers from Creative: with Direct Sound

This faulty plug-in silently installed by Creative Play Center has been known to cause serious problems with Winamp. threadid=72515 (more info about latest drivers for both Live!

-Delete "C:\Windows\winamp.ini" (v5.1 and earlier, not v5.11 or above) If you were using Winamp to manage any external usb hard/thumb drives (via the pmp_usb interface) then you can optionally start with a clean slate by going to the root folder of the usb drive in Windows Explorer and deleting pmp_and winamp_cache_0001(note, these files are hidden by default, so you will need to make sure you can view hidden files first via: Control Panel - View tab).

We do NOT recommend manually editing/removing any keys or strings in the Windows Registry.

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%App Data%\Winamp is usually found at "C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Application Data\Winamp" (Win2k/XP), or "C:\Users\(username)\App Data\Roaming\Winamp" (Vista), though you can just type %App Data%\Winamp into the Windows address bar (or via: Start - Run) and hit Enter.

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