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I went first to Italy, then the USA and now I live in the Netherlands. In Italy I played in a blues band and collaborated with a DJ called Kres, we did a kind of Run DMC inspired hip hop with a rapper, and I did theatre training and did cabaret and story telling with a band.

In the USA I was part of an organization called the Revels, I did a big scale musical and Christmas album, and made a film that Kres wrote the music for and we did a couple of shows over there.

The Smiths were massive too, and a lot of bands were influenced both by Jonny Maar in terms of guitar sound and by Morrissey, but we didn’t have those sounds.He used to feed it live mice, but as it was not Malaysia but Manchester the lizard was not very active.So he had a pair of long pliers that he used to feed it with, something like a giant thing that you might imagine used in an operation in a hospital, but to get the lizard interested in the mouse he used to bounce the mouse on the lizard’s head.Last year I was 50 and I had a party in Manchester, Adam and tom came as did loads of other musician mates from the time that I am still in touch with like the New Fads, Thrush puppies and old road crew and sound engineers, and I think that ignited the spark. We got a fair bit of interest and so here we are, or will be anyway, Saturday night in Manchester.Steve had a trip to the Uk to plan so we decided to meet up. Yes Steve went to the USA a long time ago, I think at least 20 years ago.

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I played guitar in my first band when I was 13 or 14.

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