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On the other hand, we didn’t want to give him a particularly hard ride.” The first witness called by the prosecution on 16 October 2013 was Mabvuto Phiri, the producer of the Assignment programme.

He testified that he was involved in all pre- and post-production aspects of the programme, including the development of the concept, script and title of the programme.

He further testified that he was instructed to go to the Muvi TV studios, “watch a bit and then apprehend” Kasonkomona.

During cross-examination it became apparent that the witness had not seen much of the programme.

What followed was a partial screening of the Muvi TV Asssignment programme on which Kasonkomona appeared.

The interview is indeed worth watching as Kasonkomona made an impassioned plea for recognition of the human rights of all individuals in order to stem HIV transmission.

The prosecution then led the evidence of Reverend Pukuta Mwanza, the Director of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia.

Kasonkomona was eventually released on bail on 11 April 2013.

At the time, Zambia’s Vice President, Guy Scott, in an interview with the UK’s Guardian newspaper, said: “The problem with this guy going on television was that we had to do something because if we had done absolutely nothing we would have got a bollocking from all these evangelical churches plus damn idiots.

She wanted him back, and essentially made a pact with Mc Lean that she’d bring Townsend to him for what was to be a thrashing.

Joseph led Townsend to Mc Lean, who was with his brothers and friends (members of a South London gang), where Joseph was beaten with a baseball bat, and stabbed in the chest five times; he later died from huge amounts of blood loss.

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