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Thick black hair covered his head with a hint of gray at the temples.His dark Caucasian complexion told me he enjoyed the sun.Withdrawing a disposablegown he handed it to me and told me he would step out while I disrobed and put on the gown with the opening in the front. I didn't feel all that uncomfortable with him but knowing there was another man close by made my skin prickle. "I'm not entirelycomfortable having you sign the waiver.I had to laugh to myself when he left because I really didn't see the point of him leaving since we were the only 2 here and I had signed a waiver releasing him of any liability. Do you mind if I have one of my colleagues stand by for the examination? I suddenly felt very vulnerable but also very excited.He was about 50 years old so I felt safe and confident in his abilities. They are running behind for variousreasons, as most Doctors offices are. The lone occupant, she didn't have to wonder who I was.She took me into a room, handed me some new patient paperwork to fillout and left.

I caught a glimpse of dark hair on his chest that matched the hair on his knuckles earlier."Unfortunately, I will only be able to have a consultation with youtoday." "What?" "I can't do your annual examination today because of the time." "You mean I waited for nothing?I knew I had to find a new doctor just to make sure nothing was wrong.I decided to go to another gentlemen I heard about. I watched several clinic employees walked out and bid goodbyes to other personnel. The nurse came to the waiting room and called my name.

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