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Since 1976, Boppard has consisted of ten Ortsbezirke, a special kind of municipal internal division found in some cities and towns in Rhineland-Palatinate (and also Hesse).

Each Ortsbezirk has its own council, whose head bears the title Ortsvorsteher.

They tried to struggle against what they saw as a foreign ruler and in 1327, they set up their own council.

After a short siege, Baldwin had the town stormed and quelled this challenge to his authority, thus absorbing the town of Boppard into the Electorate of Trier.

Governing the town and the surrounding Imperial Estate were Imperial ministeriales; the head official in town was the Schultheiß.

A series of the ministeriales lived in the town, among whom were the Beyer von Boppard family, the family "among the Jews", the von Schönecks and the von Bickenbachs (named after the village of Bickenbach in the Hunsrück).

Its excellent state of preservation provides a tantalizing glimpse of the medieval town, complete with Romanesque cathedral and city walls.

The Royal Estate lay at the end of the Mühltal on the Rhine.

These are all actually parts of the Rhine; there are no lakes to be seen. Boppard’s town forest is the second biggest in Rhineland-Palatinate with an area of 43.6 km².

In 355, Roman Emperor Julian stopped the Germanic invasion and began securing the Middle Rhine. It was also at this time that the Late Roman castrum, the Römerkastell Boppard on the Roman road through the Rhine valley, was built.

Towards the end of 405, the last Roman troops were withdrawn to defend Italy.

Until 1309, Boppard was a free imperial city, and as such was often frequented by the German kings, who would then reside at the so-called Royal Estate.

A bronze seal-die dating from 1228–36, now in the British Museum, proclaims the independence of Boppard under the reign of the Holy Roman Emperor.

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This bow is called the Bopparder Hamm, although this name is more commonly applied to the winegrowing area found along it.

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